Department of Finance and Administration

The Finance and Administration Department is headed by the Under Secretary. The main role of the Department is to facilitate the smooth operation of other core functions within the Commission through the provision of administrative, personnel, Budgeting & Accounting and accounting support services.


  • To develop the right policies and procedures to manage the organisation; i.e. human, financial, operational etc
  • To develop a resource mobilisation strategy for sustainability
  • To acquire and maintain office space and equip it with furniture, fittings and necessary office tools
  • To recruit and develop competent staff to manage the affairs of the Commission
  • To manage the Commission professionally and according to the budget approved
  • To ensure corporate governance principles are enshrined throughout the activities of the Commission



  • Development of work plans and other policies for the Commission’s strategic focus
  • Lobby Government and other stakeholders for the supportive policies and laws favorable to the staff of the Commission
  • Planning and coordinating programmes of the Commission in liaison with other organizations
  • Create an enabling environment(learning organization) for the proper flow of information through telephone exchange, Local Area Network (LAN), inter and intranet, regular meetings and feedback to staff on crucial matters within and outside the Commission
  • Monitoring the implementation of all activities with in the Commission
  • Coordinate the planning and budgeting function in the Commission
  • Control and monitor expenditure
  • Provide utility services ( water, electricity and communication)
  • Maintain an inventory of Assets and stores
  • Procure all Goods and services for the Commission
  • Provide adequate and habitable office space
  • Provide human resource management


  • Recruitment of Judicial officers in accordance with the requirements of the Judiciary has been undertaken
  • Over 80% of the vacancies in the Commission have been filled
  • A Corporate plan (2010-2015) has been developed and adopted
  • Draft Budget Framework Paper for the FY 2013/14 has been submitted
  • A clients' charter and an HIV/Aids workplace policy are in place
  • Quarterly and semi-annual reports to Finance and Office of the Prime Minister have been submitted
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the civic education activities has been undertaken


  • The Corporate plan
  • The JSC HIV/AIDS Workplace policy
  • The JSC Clients' Service Charter