How is my complaint or recommendation processed?

Write a complaint/recommendation addressed to the Secretary Judicial Service Commission at The Farmers House, Plot 6-8 Parliamentary Avenue, P.O. Box 7679 Kampala or alternatively place your complaint/recommendation in the Complaints/Suggestion boxes found at the office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) from where it will be collected.
Collection of complaints/recommendations is done regularly by Commission Officers who are the only ones authorised to open the said boxes.
If your complaint/recommendation is oral and you have approached the office of the Chief Administrative Officer you will be helped to have it reduced into writing.
It is important to note that your complaint/recommendation must relate to

  1. Courts
  2. Tribunals
  3.  The administration of Justice.

If your complaint is found out side i, ii, and iii above, it shall be rejected and you will be notified in writing. The Commission will however direct you to where you can best be served.
Your complaint/recommendation must clearly indicate your address or physical location so that you can be contacted easily.
In the case of complaints, they must be against persons appointed by The JSC or those appointed on the recommendation of the JSC.
What must the complaint/suggestion be about?
The Complaint may be based on any one or more of the grounds below;